TMM Nina

How long was your pregnancy?

Have you given birth before?

Does your family have a history of ten month pregnancies?
No- Inductions.

Did you receive additional ultrasounds and monitoring after 40 weeks?
Yes. Non stress tests and biophysicals.

Where did you give birth?
Free-standing birth center.

Who was your support during labor and delivery?
Husband, doula and mother.

Were any induction methods used and why?
The center tried a foley bulb induction at 41+3 (contractions stopped when it fell out) and an ounce of castor oil at 41+5. I had her 12 hours later. 

How much did your baby weigh?
6lbs 12 oz.

Did your baby still have vernix after birth?

Did your placenta show calcification and/or signs of aging?

Were there signs of meconium in your waters?
The midwife said she passed a bowel movement on the way out.

Did your baby have any complications?
None. No tearing and only a 12 hour labor from start to finish.

What advice would you give to future Ten Month Mamas?
Do not consent to any pitocin inductions until 42 weeks unless medically necessary. I would also avoid the hospital for birth unless you have a complicated pregnancy.

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