TMM Louise

TMM Louise

How long was your pregnancy?

42+3 (allegedly) but I’m more inclined to say 41+6.

Have you given birth before?
Yes. Once before at 41+5.

Does your family have a history of ten month pregnancies?

Did you receive additional ultrasounds and monitoring after 40 weeks?
Yes. I was pressured constantly to attend various appointments.

Where did you give birth?
In the obstetric ward at the nearest maternity hospital to me. (42 miles away.)

Who was your support during labor and delivery?
My husband.

Were any induction methods used and why?
AROM and syntocinon drip because I couldn’t hack the constant pressure and phone calls from the HB team any longer. I went for a scan at 42+3 and was so defeated that I asked them to induce me. What a regret. I just wanted the houdning to end and, as sad as it was, I was no longer excited to meet my baby. I just wanted to “not be pregnant.”

How much did your baby weigh?
A lovely 8lb 6oz.

Did your baby still have vernix after birth?

Did your placenta show calcification and/or signs of aging?
No. It looked amazing! Beautiful and red and lovely. (More reason for me to wish I’d hung on!)

Were there signs of meconium in your waters?
Nope. Beautiful and clear.

Did your baby have any complications?
Not a thing. Lovely healthy baby with APGARS of 9 at 1 minute.

What advice would you give to future Ten Month Mamas?
Turn off your phone and hang in there.Trust your instincts!

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