TMM Emily

TMM Emily

How long was your pregnancy?
1st Pregnancy was due September 10th and born September 30th. (20 days over)
2nd Pregnancy was due May 19th and born June 5th. (17 days over)
3rd Pregnancy was due Christmas and born January 12th. (18 days over)
4th Pregnancy was due December 19th and born January 4th. (16 days over)
5th Pregnancy was due May 27th and born June 22nd. (26 days over)

Have you given birth before?

Does your family have a history of ten month pregnancies?
Not sure.

Did you receive additional ultrasounds and monitoring after 40 weeks?
On #3 I did a non stress test but nothing for the rest.

Where did you give birth?
First 4 births were home births and number 5, my longest pregnancy, was in the hospital.

Who was your support during labor and delivery?
My husband, my midwife and her assistant for the first 3. On number 4 I had my midwife and also a doula. Number 5 was hysterical my hubby and a few friends.

Were any induction methods used and why?
For the first, my midwife and her assistant broke my water since I was 20 days past my due date and it was my first. Nothing used for the others.

How much did your baby weigh?
#1. 9lb 12oz
#2. 9lb 10oz
#3. 9lb 6oz
#4. 9lb 12oz
#5. 9lb 5oz

Did your baby still have vernix after birth?

Did your placenta show calcification and/or signs of aging?
Not that I remember. If so, nothing anyone was worried about.

Were there signs of meconium in your waters?
Some, yes. But again, nothing anyone was concerned with.

Did your baby have any complications?
No. Never.

What advice would you give to future Ten Month Mamas?
Be patient. Baby comes when baby is ready. Relax and enjoy the last few weeks as much as possible.

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