TMM Aiza

How long was your pregnancy?
43 weeks and 2 days.

Have you given birth before? 
No, this was my first pregnancy.

Does your family have a history of ten month pregnancies?
No, but no one else allowed the chance either! Anyone who went over 40 weeks promptly scheduled their medical induction or had a planned cesarean.

Did you receive additional ultrasounds and monitoring after 40 weeks?
I did not. I just kept with my weekly midwife visits and regular monitoring of baby’s heart rate and position. 

Where did you give birth?
Hospital operating room. We were planning a home birth. Labor progressed quickly and nicely. I was complete and already pushing when my water broke and we discovered baby was breech. I was in an abnormal amount of pain and my gut kept telling me something was wrong. 

We made the decision to transfer to hospital where I was put under general anesthesia and my daughter was born via emergency cesarean section. When the surgeon opened me up, it was discovered that I was experiencing a uterine rupture. If I had been medically induced, things would have been catastrophic. If I’d had medical pain relief (epidural), I would not have been able to hear my body telling me something wasn’t right. My baby and I might not be here.

Who was your support during labor and delivery?
My amazing husband, my spectacularly wise midwife and her wonderful assistant. I’m immensely grateful for each of them! Unfortunately none of them were allowed in the OR.

7. Were any induction methods used and why?

A couple days before labor started, we tried a “home induction protocol.” We rubbed oils on my belly, used a breast pump for nipple stimulation and I took some natural tinctures. I also saw an acupuncturist.

How much did your baby weigh?
9Lbs 4.5oz of pure sweetness.

Did your baby still have vernix after birth?
I’m not sure. Sadly, she was bathed immediately after birth.

Did your placenta show calcification and/or signs of aging?
Not at all.
Were there signs of meconium in your waters?

Yes, there was thick meconium staining when my water broke. We think it was simply because baby was breech and partially in the birth canal already. She was being squeezed.

Did your baby have any complications?
Depends on who you ask! If you ask me or my midwife, no. But the hospital kept her in NICU for observation due to her “high” birth weight, post dates birth and the meconium in her waters. She was released after 8 hours and in perfect health.

What advice would you give to future Ten Month Mamas?
Trust yourself! Of course, talk to other mothers, communicate with wise midwives, find your village of support. But really tune in to yourself and to your baby. Your body is made for this journey and your intuition is a super power.

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